Company Profile

Africrest Properties is a commercial property re-development company based in South Africa. The company’s underlying philosophy in commercial property is one of buy, re/develop and hold. Africrest Properties is led by the entrepreneurial spirit of Nicholas Katsapas and Justin Blend.

The company looks for opportunities which are tenant driven, Africrest has had many very successful JV partnerships with tenants in the ownership of the property. Therefore if you would like to chat to us about the possibility of a JV to purchase a building for your business or to purchase your existing commercial property please see the Tenant Free Equity Model page and contact us.

The company also focuses on purchasing existing buildings which need attention either from a re/development or management perspective. Once the property is acquired all energies and efforts are focused on turning the property around. In addition to this Africrest Properties also takes advantage of opportunities which are tenant driven.

Africrest Properties does not look at current yields in isolation but rather at buildings whereby value can be added either by redeveloping, re-tenanting, or micro managing the buildings.

Africrest Properties is always on the acquisition trail for properties that fit the investment criteria as mentioned above therefore please contact us if you have a property for sale.

If you are looking for space to rent please explore our Space to Let page.

The company also has an in-house property management division. This ensures that all building issues are taken care of as quickly as possible. We strive to keep our tenants as happy as possible.